The simplest way to order WorkBooks: send your order in an email to

Please be sure to state clearly in your order :
  • Quantity of WorkBooks
  • Full delivery postal address

Alternatively, we can accept orders made through the post at :
Classical Books,
5 The Flintings,
Gaddesden Row
Hemel Hempstead
Herts, HP2 6JD




If you are ordering as a teacher for a school, books will be supplied on credit.  



If you are ordering as an individual, payment is required in advance of dispatch. Currently the only form of payment we accept is cheque, made payable to David Carter

- Bank Transfer current unavailable. To be set up

Postage Costs


Royal Mail Postage costs vary with the size of the order.

Please use this chart so you may include the 

correct postage costs with your payment.


1 books                 £5.00

2 books                 £7.00

3-5 books              £10.00

6-12 books            £16.00

13-26 books          £21.00

27-43 books          £30.00

44-59 books          £36.00

60+ books             £47.00


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