Welcome to Classical Books

You may have noticed that my website has been down for a couple of months.

However, apart from the fact that I have a mental block about designing a new website, nothing else has changed. So right now I am finishing the new A level Latin texts, namely:

Virgil Aeneid 2;     Tacitus Annals XII ;     Cicero Pro Caelio

If anyone wants to have these before end of term, please get in touch via email to:

david@classicalbooks.co.uk or


… or by telephone 01582-849113

The new A level Greek texts will be done during June/July. They are:

Herodotus 1,     Iliad XVI



Just a reminder of the existing workbooks. They are:

GCSE Latin: Aeneid VI, Echo and Narcissus; Sagae Thessalae

GCSE Greek: Herodotus Psammetichus, Odyssey VII, Plato Death of Socrates

A Level Latin part 2; Murder in Larinum; Annals IV, Aeneid XII, Ovid Heroides.



For the new GCSE texts of 2024 I will be doing:

GCSE Latin 2024: Aeneid 1, Baucis and Philemon; Messalina (maybe Cleomenes)

GCSE Greek 2024: Herodotus Babylon etc, Iliad VI, Euripides Medea (maybe Anabasis)


Best regards